Zara Second Summer 2019 Collection Is Here

Many moons ago, Zara released its summer 2019 collection. The line was full of bright colors, bold prints and eye-catching trends. (In other words, it was exactly what you’d expect Zara’s summer 2019 collection to be.) But. BUT. The brand just surprised us with a midsummer treat—a second summer 2019 collection, and one just as delightful and trend-filled as the first. We’re talking pastel, lace-up stilettos. Sequin-covered fringe. Bags adorned with pearls, cow spots and every other zeitgeisty detail you could possibly call to mind. Been looking for an excuse to re-up your summer selection? Zara heard your sartorial prayers—and answered them.

Look, we get it—replenishing your summer wardrobe in July feels like overkill. Summer’s been here for, like, a month now—you’re no longer emboldened with the energy a new season brings. (Not to mention, your shopping fix has been thoroughly satiated by the near-endless summer sales that have come your way, including Zara’s own.) But July and August have a different energy than June, no? The days are hotter, but somehow, the nights are chiller; the frenzied excitement of summer finally being here has worn off, and you’re invited to indulge in a luxurious night in whenever you feel like it (rather than battling FOMO to go out another night in a row).

And let’s not forget: Summer trickles well into September. In fact, there’s technically more summer in September than there is in June. It makes sense, then, to carve out some space for mellower, late summer pieces—bolder colors, instead of brighter ones; autumnal motifs, instead of springy ones; pants instead of shorts, structured silhouettes, and prints that feel a touch more refined than the exuberant ones that permeated shelves in April and May. Let a little fresh fun in, won’t you?