Zara has released 5 autumn-winter fashion trends 2019

The famous fashion house Zara recently made people excited when launching designs leading the autumn and winter trend of 2019.

For fashionistas, Zara is the world’s best-selling brand. The company stands out with its exquisite design, leading the trend, good quality and reasonable prices.

This year, fashion models for autumn and winter, which fall between September and December, were released by Zara in mid-July. Many fans expressed interest in pioneering strategy. this. .

Here are 5 product lines expected to become trends in the coming season.

The dominant pink

Previously, green and yellow were the two main colors “occupying the stage” in autumn and winter. However, this time, pink started in the fashion collection of many big brands.

Many of Zara’s skirt designs in the new “chic” fuchsia pink series, the characteristic of the British or marshmallow pink are one of the examples.

Light, prominent sandal

Sandal sandals with straps are not just for summer. The light-colored shoe design series that Zara launched for the autumn festival are straps with straps.

Metallic materials and familiar leather are still mainstream in designs. Sandal has easy-to-match straps, which can be combined with skirts or shorts, even mixes with office pencil skirts can also create accents.

Polka dot motifs

The beautiful little floral motifs belong to the summer. Zara chose to point the ball to divert the focus of customers into a more sophisticated new trend.

It can be seen that the lovely brown dress with polka dots cannot be more suitable for an autumn street walk.

‘Simple’ hairpin

The yellow hairpin with leopard print looks simple but easy to be the trend in the coming season.

Zara has been very sophisticated to welcome new trends by designing small accessories that can be combined with a variety of different outfits.

80s fashion

Continuing the “obsession” in the 80s in the spring collection, Zara chose a more mysterious approach to the autumn winter costume designs.

Beautiful mini-skirt sequin, charming one-shoulder t-shirt, and marble color bags are items that represent this product line.

They make people imagine a chic but naughty chic glamor fashionista, which seems to inspire Zara’s designers.