Young and stylish fashion style of 70-year-old woman.

At the age of 70, Hyun Joo still has a fashion style admired by many people.

In the past few days, a series of photos about a woman named Hyun Joo (from Korea) has become the focus of attention on the internet. Accordingly, Ms. Hyun Joo is 70 years old but still possesses a youthful appearance and stylish fashion style.

Do not be afraid to wear bright colors such as pink, yellow, white … help her look more youthful and elegant. Korean old lady often chooses long dresses with thin material, combined with inner white T-shirt or outer vest with strong and dynamic cardboard accessories.

Ms. Hyun Joo also often wears a long, slightly flared skirt in her legs combined with a gray or beige vest, bringing a luxurious and polite look.

The costume of Gu Hyun Joo is making many people admire because she is young, dynamic, stylish, even at the age of 70. She often wears the same color that makes the outfit not monotonous but still looks beautiful.

Shirts in combination with jeans or pants are always a perfect combination, both dynamic and personality.

Shorts, wide-legged pants are indispensable items in Hyun Joo’s walking style for convenience, comfort and can fit many different styles and outfits. She is also very difficult to innovate herself when there are many styles from young, healthy to luxurious and elegant.

Hyun Joo not only surprised many people because of her youth, she also showed fashion style. From a toy with a checkered shirt to a fancy design with accessories like cross-over bags and wide-brimmed hats, to casual dresses with thin shirts and jeans, the highlight is the scarves, earrings and eyeglasses ….