The “gold” principle when shopping for online fashion

Just note a few small details, you will avoid unnecessary risks when shopping online fashion. In the context of technology development at a “rocket” pace, online shopping is also developing rapidly. After confirming the order, your selected product will be delivered to your hands conveniently and quickly. However, this is also a lot of risks

10 ways to combine a simple, fashionable white shirt

With a white shirt, will we mix & match out of how many beautiful and fashionable standard sets, especially meeting the minimalist criteria? The answer is right in the article below. Currently, instead of complicating things, people often aim at a minimalist lifestyle to reduce stress and fatigue. That when applied to fashion has created

The 10 hottest hair colors fall you should know

Color Pale Pink: According to Stephanie Brown – IGK’s hair color master in New York (USA), we should thank American female player Megan Rapinoe. Because of her, you can see this outstanding hair color throughout the season. If you want to keep your hair color persistent, use a pink hair shampoo. It can be said

The 60s dresses are still popular today

Your wardrobe has familiar dress patterns and is never out of fashion. But did you know that was the prevailing fashion trends of the 1960s? The fashion flow of the 60s is always one of the endless inspiration of designers, because this period of clothing broke the rigid rules of the previous period. More specifically,

8 hair trends will definitely become fashionable in the fall

Autumn is the ideal time for you to experience new hairstyles. Low humidity is a good condition for a perfect appearance. First, mentioning the hair color is easy to impress the most opposite person. Dip-dyed dyed hair is as attractive as Zendaya at the Spider-Man: Far From Home launch, or maybe just your naturally bleached

Fashion style of the 16-year-old Japanese model

Koki – the brightest adolescent model in Japan – often wears tight, back-to-back skirts when attending the event. According to Elle, joining a one-year village, Koki (real name Mitsuki Kimura) is Japan’s leading long leg. She regularly attended the event as a representative of international brands. Photo: Et, Elle, Vogue

Flower towels, short bermuda …: 4 favorite styles from Asia to Europe

The shirt is changed from a scarf to enhance the beauty of the wearer without revealing too much flesh. Beautiful and cool, it is certainly two of the top criteria of today’s sophisticated ladies. Because a suit though fashion to some but wearing secret, uncomfortable, can not accompany women more than once. Fortunately, the present

Learn 4 simple and stylish tips from fashion bloggers

If you feel stuck in personal style, please refer to the following 4 beautiful wear tips of famous fashion bloggers! There are hundreds of thousands of people who click on Instagram account of fashion bloggers to quickly update beautiful, fashionable and luxurious clothes. However, not everyone can fine tune the quintessential formulas from fashion bloggers,