Women in the office don’t miss these 4 outfits if the weather is cool

Persistent rains can make people feel uncomfortable because of the humidity, but for women, this is a good opportunity to wear longer and thicker wings, previous items, because of the hot sun. so it is difficult to represent.

Here are a few good suggestions for women on rainy days. They can be used longer, even if autumn has stopped:

1. Thin and short-sleeved sweater, miss hands

Sweater seems to be a privilege of autumn and winter, but right now, you can absolutely face them down the street, go to work, as long as you choose thin, short-sleeved or missing hands instead of hands Watertight tunic. The type of sweater most suitable for women in a cool day is a light, neat shirt that is tight with regular pants or skirts, creating an elegant yet youthful and seductive look.

2. Cardigan short shape

The constant rain can make you shiver and easily feel empty if only one layer of clothing is displayed. Right now, adding a cardigan jacket is more reasonable. The sweater mixed with the current weather is a short-sleeved sweater, from thin wool or crocheted wool, light and thin and kept warm. The cardigan jacket or the seamless shirt consists of a shirt, the skirt is beautiful, as long as it is not too long.

3. High collar shirt

Many ladies have special feelings with high neck shirts. A high-necked shirt, though not too seasoned, still feels quite stuffy if worn in the summer. These cool rainy days are different, you can free your beautiful, charming collar, while bringing a formal, polite and extremely suitable look to the office environment combined with mini skirts. to create a balanced set and not too stuffy.

4. Variant blazer

Although very beautiful, the hot season is still not suitable for wearing traditional blazer designs. Instead, thinner, thinner, thinner blazer is made of more flexible, open-weather materials that will be compatible with a wetter day. The office ladies do not need to invest too much in this type of blazer, just white and black are good enough in the season.