What fashion trends are “promoted” by ITZY in the new MV?

Catching melodies, eye-catching choreography plus impressive “looks”, ITZY’s ICY is creating a new craze. Unique costumes of 5 rookie girls also become the focus.

Unlike the sexy image of the MV that debuted DALLA DALLA, 5 ITZY girls came back with dynamic, young and energetic images in the new MV ICY. Considered a rookie girl group, “ITZY has brought many achievements since its first day of sale. The JYP group soon made its mark thanks to the professional performance style and unique fashion personality. Each MV, ITZY initiated many fashion and beauty trends.


If in MV DALLA DALLA, ITZY brings sexy images in black and white wings with sequin, with ICY, the audience will enjoy a more youthful and fun fashion party. Popular neon colors combine rhythm with optimistic pop melody. The outstanding color and neutral balance is the secret that members apply to impressive but not sophisticated works.


Like the lyrics: “I don’t want to be confined in any rule”, fashion in the music videos of ITZY girls is deeply personal and personal. From the striped patterned jacket in contrast to Ryujin’s pink hair, Yeji’s neon-colored jacket is a baggy style, the remixes all exude the liberal and liberal spirit of young girls.


When streetwear culture is becoming the focus of world fashion trends, “nail” versions such as loose clothing and top crop tops and oversize designs bring impressive visual effects. Inspiration of sports fashion becomes more feminine, more attractive when variations are variations in textures and materials.


Besides a collection of accessories such as metal necklaces and earrings, BOOTS is the highlight in MV ICY. If you’re a fan of this accessory, don’t ignore the suggestions from ITZY. When seasonal weather, warrior shoes, transparent shoes or over-knee shoes are all “compulsory items” of girls looking for differences.