Watch Vietnamese women wearing suits without underwear

Not only Khong Tu Quynh, Mai Phuong Thuy, Angela Phuong Trinh, Phuong Trinh Jolie are also names that “burned the eyes” of fans when they showed off a round with no lingerie.

What would it look like when Vietnamese female stars dressed in non-lingerie suits?

After parting with Ngo Kien Huy, Khong Tu Quynh seemed to have had a spectacular makeover in a bold style when showing off sexy images on social networks. Most recently, she has made fans “burn their eyes when posting a photo of a suit without a scary underwear.
Mai Phuong Thuy is no exception as a follower of fashion style vest without lingerie. Recently, when appearing in a film school because I am an individual investor, Mai Phuong Thuy bursts out with a gold vest cleverly showing off the first round.
A non-medical vest was also chosen by Huong Giang when the representative of Vietnam competed for beauty in the international arena. The suit made Huong Giang both elegant and sexy.
Dong Nhi also made fans surprised when posting clever images showing off the 1st round. However, a bit ‘modest’ round with a vest too wide did not make her really stand out.
Angela Phuong Trinh is too striking with a blue lingerie. She always knows how to take advantage of trendy clothes and show off her body better than people.
2017 Vietnamese Dance Runner Mau Thuy also tried a fashion vest like many other Vietnamese stars. It can be seen that she is quite safe when wearing this fashion style.
Chi Pu is also an artist with a fashion style that transforms many of the young fans. From an innocent, pure girl, she is gradually changing to a more sexy style. A vest without a lingerie is also used by her.
Ngoc Quyen looks extremely charismatic and charming in her non-lingerie vest
The model Anh Thu did not miss the opportunity to show off the hot body in the trendy vest. This is considered one of the most interesting photos of a single mother.
With a perfectly balanced body, Ngo Thanh Van looks extremely attractive when wearing a vest without a lingerie. Both sexy and sexy and masculine, can only be Ngo Thanh Van.
Phuong Trinh Jolie has just caused the audience to “lose heart” when there is a reincarnation of a bride in a white suit, which is extremely luxurious and fashionable. For a perfect body, Phuong Trinh Jolie has a healthy, hardworking lifestyle of practicing yoga.
With the super standard body with the first round, the supermodel Minh Tu did not miss the opportunity to present this sexy vest model.
Round 1 of supermodel Vo Hoang Yen is somewhat less beautiful, showing sagging weaknesses in this suit.
“Miss Next Top Vietnamese” is charming with no lingerie suit
Famous for having a shortage, Bich Phuong is more and more clear about it when wearing a suit.
The vest does not show off the underwear cleverly round one and create a highlight with the neck scarf, but Miu Le in the outfit over size from head to toe has swallowed up the female singer.
It is impossible not to mention the Internal Medicine Queen Ngoc Trinh with the image of both personality and sweetness in a pink suit.
Female singer Huong Tram burned her eyes while wearing a vest and forgot her bra.
Phuong Mai wears a large round of collar to make her chest less empty.
Minh Trieu’s femininity in white outfits deepens the first round.
The movement was pursued by Thai Ha with a liberal way of wearing, the highlight is an impressive box-shaped crossover bag.
Singer Phuong Linh stripped out with a sexy image, completely different from the past.
Luxurious but still extremely charming can only be Huyen My.
Diem My 9x
Minh Hang
Diep Lam Anh
Thanh Hang
Truc Diem
MISS Ky Duyen