Vintage and retro – Two classic puzzle pieces “dominate” the world fashion village

Along with “stirring” the playground of fashion lovers for classic charm, but what is the difference between retro and vintage styles?

Tyra Banks once said: “Fashion is a turnaround”. Thanks to the ability to “immunity” with time, plus the uniqueness of modern compositions, the classic and retro items always contain the compelling charm. However, vintage and retro are two fashion concepts that are both similar and different. Learn more about these two classic styles and immediately pocket the secrets to express them in the most stylish way!


In the original sense, vintage refers to the era of alcohol, oil and cars at least 50 years old. After that, vintage is spread and used in many other areas such as design, interior … and fashion is no exception. Merchants selling old clothes gradually used vintage clothes for the old era. Typically, vintage refers to fashion items produced from 1920 to 1960, which fluctuated until the 1980s.

Vintage style of the 1950s. (Photo: Retrowaste)

Classic fashion items such as clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, etc. are usually very small because most of them have stopped production, have errors over time or are very difficult to wear (previous women usually only owns 40-50cm waistline like Scarlet O ‘Hara in the film Gone with the Wind) however, the classic beauty of the classic design years still makes the girls fall in love. Willing to “spend money” not only to own quality, sophistication or exotic, but also because of the Story, the historical value behind them.

Classic bag design is worth the same or much more expensive than the bags in the latest collection. (Photo: universityoff Fashion)


If classic is the old items stored from the past, hold the breath nostalgic from shape to needle, the nose is retro, this word indicates new designs produced and reproduced on materials. New, inspired by “hot items” and trends of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Fashion retro style in the 1960s and 1970s. (Photo: Yousense)

Not stereotyping old-fashion designs, a blend of classic beauty and modern imprints of retro style has created new standards for fashion. The famed fashionists have captured this trend quickly and created countless new collections. For years, the world catwalk or street style is always full of unique retro style designs.

Retro-style design on the Marc Jacob Spring catwalk – Summer 2019. (Photo: Imaxtree)


In order to conquer vintage or retro items, you should understand the representative style every decade because every decade will have a different fashion flow. After that, determine the item that suits your personality and style.


As mentioned, vintage is a “stormy” style by fashion items from the 20s to 60s.

A flapper skirt is a skirt with a waist that is lowered to the hips, or a waist that completely disappears like loose skirts. This dress is popular in the 20s. (Photo: Retroent)
Actor Ginger Rogers in the movie “Time Turned” (1936) with an outstanding dress design in the 30s. (Photo: Getty Images)
Bar suit,, famous costume of Dior’s New Look collection, released in 1947. (Photo: Getty Images)
Audrey Hepburn … (Photo: Getty Images)
and Marilyn Monroe became the world’s fashion icon in the 1950s. (Photo: Getty Images)
First lady Jackie Kennedy wore SHIFT dress and became a fashion icon in the 60s. (Photo: Getty Images)
Cape jackets make “crazy” fashion lovers over the past decade come back. (Photo: sensational news)
Flute pants are items “fever” in the 1970s … (Photo: Cutypaste)
There are many variations of fashion followers. (Photo: AKM-GSI)
(Photo: Fashioncouture101)
Photo: The Zoe Report