Viktor & Rolf brand – Brand introduction

Viktor & Rolf brand is a Dutch fashion company founded in 1993 by designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren. From the start, the brand has made the public love unexpected fashion by the Haute Couture collection. Although there are two main designers, costumes still blend and create a unique overall. In 1995, Viktor & Rolf continued to be noticed by the collection “Viktor & Rolf Bid for the expression of emptiness” with gilded costumes hung by invisible thin yarns. Always offering very unique ideas, the company not only produces clothes but also raises them into a unique art form. In 2000, Viktor & Rolf officially encroached on ready-made fashion and continued to achieve great success. Compared to the famous fashion brands in the industry, Viktor & Rolf takes advantage of originality and personality unlike any other brand. Therefore, a lot of fashion outfits of this fashion have made the experts and customers surprised and attracted. In 2006, Viktor & Rolf collaborated with H&M to produce 20 wedding dresses and sell them within 3 hours.

Origin: Netherlands
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