Versace brand – Brand introduction

The Versace brand has a full name is Giovanni Versace S.p.A, founded by the designer Giovanni Versace in the 70s of the last century. In 1978, the company’s first store was opened in Via della Spiga in Milano, Italy and attracted the attention of experts and customers. Although Versace’s age is still “younger” than many other brands, it is still one of the world’s leading fashion groups. Versace products include: clothing, accessories, perfume, makeup and furniture are all high-end goods. Currently, the main designer of this brand is Donatella Versace – Jacann’s younger sister. Versace’s designs are a bit rebellious by experimenting and studying conflicting trends like chic, psichedelico, temato, punk rock … Versace’s 1980-1981 collection recreates the rinascimentale-fantino Renaissance style . In the 1980s, the brand continuously developed new materials such as leather, velvet, patterned leather, asymmetrical designs, metal mesh embroidery methods, laser cutting methods, thread combination with beads. … It all makes Versace a pioneer in the definition of fashion. new era. Versace manages private brands like Aftelier Versace – a high-end fashion line launched in 2012; Versace and Versace Jeans perfumes; Versace Home Collection is a line of interior decoration products, established in 1992, including furniture, household accessories, lamps, towels and glass tiles; Versus was born in 2009, specializing in sunglasses, accessories and fragrances. Versus was designed by Christopher Kane from 2009 to 2013.

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