The trend of square sole shoes has an impressive return

The trend of square sole shoes returns to the summer with new variations in design and coordination, attracting street fashion followers.

Square toe shoes used to be “stepchildren” of fashion villages because they were not as soft as doll shoes, not as high as high heels. However, the 2019 High Fashion Week witnesses a strong return of this trend on the streets of Paris. Square toe shoes this summer have many unique variations. It is easy to see the figure of doll shoes, high heels, square sandals or mules appearing dense on the street.

Great return

Bottega Veneta has just released a pair of square high heels and thin shoelaces. Street fashionista can hardly deny this perfect combination of sandals and high heels because of its easy coordination. From white shirts and black skirts, to casual pants and vests, we can easily see white square toe shoes based on trendy works.

King of street fashion

On European streets, everyone sees square toe shoes. From colors, materials to shapes, they all have many stylized designs. The most important thing is how fashion lovers choose outfits with square toe shoes.

The dress is tender

One of the variants of 2019 summer sole shoe has the same design as mules – thin soles shoes. Thin, light loafers with elegant long skirts not only create a fresh feeling but also impress the wearer.

Elegant shirts and pants

Another style of square toe shoes is high heels – accessories can go with all kinds of costumes. Not only feminine long skirts, elegant casual pants or light white shirts can also go with high heels.