The reason Korean girls have beautiful street styles

Let’s find out the reasons why Korean girls are so beautiful.

Whether Korea is beautiful and poetic like in the movie, Korean girls are as beautiful as Song Hye Kyo and Kim Tae Hee, which is something no one dares to assert.

But one thing that many people have come to kimchi, is that women’s fashion style cannot be underestimated!

Find out why you make such beautiful Korean girls:

1. The development of the fashion industry.

In Asia, while fashion weeks are known around the world with a very small amount of information, Seoul’s fashion week has emerged as a specialty! This is understandable because, along with the Hallyu wave, fashion is classified by the Korean government as a “soft power”, one of the most profitable industries.

Every year, the Seoul city government sponsors most of the costs of organizing Seoul Fashion Week to facilitate young and anonymous designers the opportunity to be known to the public. For all these reasons, it is not difficult to understand when young people of kimchi, especially women, possess an extremely diverse and youthful style, catching up with world fashion trends.

2. The development of the beauty industry

In Asia, Korea is considered a “plastic surgery paradise”. Even women from all over the world flock here, hoping to have a more harmonious and attractive face or figure.

The reverse side of plastic surgery in general as well as the obsession with artificial beauty of Korean women in particular has been exploited many times. However, one thing is undeniable, that cutlery also makes women kimchi look more attractive with a delicate V-shaped face, high nose life like Western people, more harmonious eyes and lips … Their bodies also become more standard after cutting the knife.

All of these factors contribute to perfecting the normal style of Korean youth. Once the clothes are fashionable, the face is beautiful, the looks are good, so there is no reason for them to wear bad clothes.

3. Update fast trends from movies

Without discussing the quality of content, the appearance of Korean movies is definitely not controversial! Korean films are currently heavily invested in images, especially costumes. They quickly update the most popular trends, invest in the latest, most beautiful fashion designs.

It’s no wonder the movie is likened to the female lead, with many costumes and accessories from cult brands. And after each episode was broadcast, people rushed to buy and wear what idols have on the movie.