The most expensive fashion brand is the most popular Korean stars

The world fashion brands like Chanel, Dior or Gucci are always the names favored by Korean stars.

1. Chanel: The famous Chanel brand in France is famous for its elegant and luxurious designs. More than 100 years of establishment and development, Chanel’s designs have always been favored by women all over the world with fashion followers.

Last year, member Jennie Kim of popular group BlackPink was chosen by the Chanel brand to be an ambassador in Korea because of the ability to “turn” every set even if it is “hardest”. Costumes from everyday life until the stage or red carpet of female idol all come from the French fashion house.

In July last year, Jennie was noticed when she appeared at the airport with Chanel’s eye-catching green top crop produced in the 1990s. Most recently, Chanel set with makeup style. Blue eyes The boldness of female idols born in 1996 is also expected to become a hot trend this year.

2. Gucci: Gucci is a familiar brand in stars’ lockers. G-Dragon, Irene (Red Velvet) or Sunmi are all followers of an Italian house.

The BTS member V is nicknamed “Gucci Boy” or “Gucci” because all his accessories like handbags, shoes, sandals, bracelets … come from this brand.

3. Dior: In Korea, referring to Dior brand is Suzy. “The female artist born in 1994 loved the designs from the French house. That is also why Dior always favored her in the chapters. shows and events large and small.

Suzy was invited to attend Dior show at Paris Fashion Week 2019. She scored completely when setting up modern and personality Dior, including black vest with long skirt, black pants and mix of personality accessories like classic beret hat.

4. Valentino: Becoming Valentino’s close face since 2016, Park Shin Hye always updates personal designs from Italy.

Most recently, when appearing at Paris Fashion Week 2019, the actress stunned the fans while sitting in Valentino’s 2019 spring-summer collection in 2019. Colors, mixes of costumes and accessories make 9X look So beautiful and trendy.

5. Celine: Celine is a fashion brand chosen by Lisa (BlackPink). Although mostly simple items, the youngest items are chosen by Korean groups very expensive, especially the Triomphe bag line worth 7,000 USD.

Set of female idol when going to the airport to France to attend Celine’s show also made people admire. She combines Celine black T-shirts ($ 540) with Celine Triomphe handbags ($ 7,000), Cartier bracelets ($ 15,580), Chrome Hearts ($ 5,574) and Rolex watches ($ 31,550).