The most beautiful street style clothes Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2019 opens for the upcoming fashion week worldwide, typically in Milan, Paris, London, New York.

After canceling the Stockholm Fashion Week the latest season, allowing the Swedish Fashion Council to find more sustainable alternatives, all eyes were on the Danish neighbor. There’s no denying the hotness of blazer shirts this season. The unique combination of suits (blazer and pants of the same color) creates an impressive highlight in the fashion week. Shorts or shorts all have a polite look when coordinated with a blazer. Photo: Darrel Hunter.

Copenhagen fashion week takes place when the temperature is only about 16 degrees Celsius. This weather is still indispensable for tight tank tops. The combination of a mesh shirt inside a deep wide skirt is quite eye-catching and interesting. Photo: Darrel hunter.

The maxi dress, wide figure has never disappointed the fashion enthusiasts. These street stylers are creative with their items. On the left is a long-sleeved blazer shirt, head-tied scarf, and accessories like oval sunglasses, velvet Chanel bags, double-pointed white leather boots that look delicate and very “Danish”. The girl on the right is a more feminine one with a sleeveless dress, and a unique bag. The trend of sandals and socks has not cooled down, creating an interesting highlight for the set of clothes. Photo: Darrel Hunter.

One-color uniform is quite popular in autumn and winter this year. Whether adding a shirt, or pressing it by “quick”, are quite eye-catching. Pointed-toe sandals are still “making the rain” this year. Photo: Darrel hunter.

The return of the 2018 cult animal motifs. This year, leopard outfits are a little different from before, the color and texture are more bold, giving the wearer a strong feel. Photo: Soren Jepsen, Darrel Hunter.

The yellow color makes Copenhagen street more lively than ever. These “sunny” clothes are quite vibrant and eye-catching. Can be combined with the opposite color accessories such as left image, or ton-sur-ton completely as the right image is all the color schemes are highly appreciated. Photo: Darrel Hunter, Soren Jepsen.

Jumpsuit suits are also encountered during fashion week. With neutral tones that accentuate their wearer, combined with the large copper color belt and high heels bring an impressive overall, safe. Photo: Darrel Hunter, Soren Jepsen.

Black is always the most fashionable color. However, they are also very boring if you do not know how to combine. Exquisitely cut outfits are what we need. How to “play” leather material (in the left picture) is quite fancy and luxurious. Skillfully combined with the same color blazer (right image), but wearing only half is the current trend. Just showing off the shirt inside, just looks interesting, polite appearance of the blazer mixed with opposing mischief. Photo: Soren Jepsen.

Interesting lies in the bags, all of which are short strap bags rather than cross-over bags or waist bags as often seen in other fashion weeks. They create a sense of elegance and maturity for the participating clothes this year. Photo: Soren Jepsen, Darrel Hunter.