The latest Converse x GOLF le FLEUR shoe model

Converse x shoes GOLF le FLEUR * Color Block is listed as the most anticipated sport shoe

The latest model of Converse x GOLF le FLEUR with characteristic motifs promises to be the hottest “sneaker” autumn – winter 2019.

From now until now, only 2 Golf packages Le Fleur brought to Vietnam are Converse GLF Burlap and Converse GLF quilted Velvet shoes, adding fire to the trend of walking, camping and creating new flavors for all types of mixes. Mix – match heaven, with the most sneaker being the monument Chuck 70.

The image was officially feedbacked on the social network when the owner of Tyler The Creator personally announced the announcement. Just over ten minutes, the post received over 100 thousand likes

At first glance, TTC can continue to use One Star initially as its first child as a foundation to meet its drawing preferences.

The Flower Boy brand with Tyler’s flower house is still building a brand with the One Star Converse logo on top high-grade soft leather with a midsole band which is hand-machined in green and red with 2 super sweet candies like the taste of housing. Tyle The Creator’s talented design – “Racing Red” and “Kelly Green”.

Photo: Converse