The best summer boots and they are cute with many colors

Say the phrase “summer shoes,” and visions of sandals, stilettos and other strappy delights undoubtedly dance ’round your head. But the truth of the summer footwear landscape is that it’s far more varied than you’d expect—close-toed shoes abound. And with cute summer booties at the helm, it’s pretty hard to be upset about it.

We know, we know—summer booties sound like an oxymoron. Booties are a strictly fall/winter affair—and maybe, maybe, you could make the case for chunky, close-toed shoes in the spring. But summer? The days are hot, the air is humid and our feet desperately crave a break from the leather caverns they’ve occupied for months on end.

But some days, you’re just not in a sandal mood. Some days, you crave the security of a close-toed shoe. And some days, you just can’t ignore the fact that your go-to mini definitely pairs better with a chunky ankle boot than it does with literally any other shoe in your closet. It is in these moments that it pays to have stocked up on a pair or two of summer booties—so you can whip out a seasonally appropriate pair of kicks, rather than continue to rely on your winter rotation.

By: Stylecaster