The 5-year-old girl “stormed” with the famous cosplay star to attend the event

Stefani Chaglar (5 years old, from Turkey) used to “storm” the network with a “fake” dress, but the designs were copied when going to the red carpet. Recently, the lovely girl continues to “cut the heart” of the online community with a new set of photos with elaborate, more impressive costumes.

A gorgeous but expensive set of clothes appeared on the red carpet, Bored Panda, like Cinderella’s dress. For ordinary people, they can only appear in dreams. Stefani is luckier than other girls in that her mother is very skillful.

The mother Stefani, like a fairy in fairy tales, can turn her dream into reality, helping her turn into any celebrity. New 5 years old but Stefani has worn all kinds of evening dresses with many designs, colors and especially luxurious and equally original.

No clothes can prevent the creativity and skillful hands of Stefani’s mother. Before this cute series, many netizens showed interest. Evalgar Cia account commented: “It is a great oversized wardrobe. Always keep that innocent smile on your lips, little princess.”

Tracyde users expressed: “Great! I can’t imagine how hard her mother is to create such great clothes. I really like to see the pictures of Stefani.”

The designs from the catwalk are also “imitation” by mother Stefani for girls to wear. Even, many people think that she wears better than the model. Michelle Muirhead joked: “Stefani is much prettier than the model. She laughs and doesn’t look like an alien like her.”

Who wants to transform into “country music princess” Taylor Swift in a pink open-toed dress with sweet yellow like Stefani?

Mother Stefani uses newspaper to make herself an equally luxurious, unique, beautiful dress Anne Hathaway. Details of roses on the original skirt are also meticulously shaped to look like the most.

Often uploading photos dressed like celebrities, the lovely girl’s Instagram attracts more than 279,000 followers.