Sneakers “cause storms” in the first half of 2019

Check out the most impressive sneakers again in the spring of summer 2019.

When inspiring sports fashion into an “explosive” period, sneakers are “searched” more than ever. From classic shoes to future shoes, the world of sports shoes always challenges curiosity and ability to collect fashion followers. Check out similar shoes “storming” in the first 6 months of 2019.

(Photo: Pexels)


Since appearing in Louis Vuitton’s Spring – Summer 2019 collection, Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneakers shoe design has been mesmerized by fashion lovers around the world. It is rated as “must-have” shoes in 2019. This shoe is impressed by its unique and unique design, which brings modern and extremely healthy features. The shoe sole is elastic, the shoe blade is lifted, the curves are extremely soft and delicate.

Louis Vuitton Archlight sneakers collection. (Photo: Humble and Rich Boutique)


Gucci Rhyton became one of the most popular chunky sneakers (ugly sneakers) from the beginning. The highlight of the shoes lies in the leather hugging the tip of the shoe, creating a characteristic luxurious style. The second part is a 1 cm thick shoe lining, which makes you feel comfortable even though traveling all day long. In addition, the Gucci Rhyton shoe blade is also significantly shorter than other chunky sneakers, showing off an ankle or impressive socks.

Earlier, Gucci also commemorated the Ace sports shoe with project # 2 # 24HourAce. This is also one of the white shoes inseparable “head of sports shoes”.


Gucci Flastrek with removable crystal is not simply a regular pair of chunky sneakers. The fashion house has a strong hand combining mountain climbing shoes and high-quality materials, the highlight is a custom crystal strip attached to the tip of the shoe. The design ensures maximum fashion and comfort for the wearer. As a result, Gucci Flastrek couples constantly appear on the red carpet fashion week to streets in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore.

Gucci Fashtrek with removable crystal. (Photo: Gucci)


Chain Reaction sneakers is the Versace family of products combined with rapper 2 Chainz and was created by Salehe Bembury – the former designer who has been with Kanye West. Material of the shoe body is made from Baroque leather in feminine floral motifs. On the side is embroidered brand name with pink thread. Gray shoelaces feature a perfect appearance.

Versace Chain Reaction. (Photo: Versace)


There is no denying that thanks to the “divine” hand of Demna Gvasalia, Balenciaga has become one of the most famous brands at the moment. Triple S – multi-colored shoes, breaking all limits, beautiful enough, “quality” to make serious men once again “crazy”. Balenciaga Triple S possesses a rough but bold classic look. Still designed with original versions such as premium soft suede, net fabric, rubber sole with calf leather and shoes impressed by the flexible, youthful color scheme.

Balenciaga Triple S. (Photo: The New York Times)


After the success of “bad shoes”, this French shoe brand did not disappoint fans when launching the Balenciaga Track LED model. This is also the kind of shoes chosen by Son Tung M-TP in the newly launched super product. With the impressive LED effect just press the “track” button on the back, you will definitely make people look back.

Balenciaga Track LED. (Photo: Balenciaga)


This sneakers are a surprise gift that Nike launched on the occasion of its 20-year-old birthday with the improvement in design, light and airy leather material for users. The product is inspired by Japanese super speed train, impressed by its unique design with wavy lines alternating around the shoe body. In particular, shoes can glow thanks to the flash reflection.

Nike Air Max 97 Ultra. (Photo: Nike)


The Adidas Yung 96 version of 2018 quickly caught people’s attention with details inspired by the current chunky trend. In 2019, adidas launched a new color scheme including gray, yellow, green, orange and white. The opposite color combination gives a new effect to the familiar style of sneakers.

Adidas Yung 96. (Photo: Adidas)


This collection marks the return of Converse and Foot Patrol in two familiar mainstream tones of dark blue and creamy white. In the tall version, Converse used half-split motifs as before. Although the low-end version is not designed in this style, in return for the outsole of the product will not disappoint you with the transparent material, shown on the orange classic Converse logo below.

Converse Chuck Taylor 70 x Foot Patrol. (Photo: Converse)


Puma Breaker Leather is one of Puma’s latest favorite classic sneakers. The 90s classic design with the upper part is made of high quality, soft leather. Ultra-light Misole padding combined with a high-quality rubber base provides flexibility and flexibility.

Puma Breaker Leather. (Ảnh: Puma)

Sneakers are no longer merely accessories of sports fashion but become “bright stars” in the collection of many big fashion houses. Through every season, each style of shoes is put on a new shirt – more unique, more disruptive and especially the quality of the wearer. In the above 11 styles of shoes, what is the design that suits your personality?