Seafaring in French style with ELLE’s summer collection

Have you planned to “run away” this summer? Get ready to shine with ELLE’s “love at first sight” Summer Collection!

ELLE & Flight Journey in the summer of 2019

Bring a special message for this summer: Freedom to LIKE A BIRD, ELLE crosses the boundaries of a fashion brand to inspire a free and strong lifestyle for women. Brilliant as the sunshine, free as a flying bird, the French luxury brand blows fresh air for the 2019 sea tourism season when launching swimwear and sunglasses Summer with trendy and classy beauty.

The trio of personality gives you a beautiful summer look

What’s better than owning a sexy swimsuit with you “fleeing” the summer heat, combined with impressive sunglasses accessories to enhance your style. ELLE introduces 3 “sunshine” styles with the 2019 Swimwear Collection and fashionable sunglasses that provide a great combination for this summer:

Dynamic style personality

If she has a strong personality, be ready to “stagger” the super quality items from ELLE. Active line swimsuits have a minimalist yet sophisticated design, focusing on honoring personality and fashion for wearers. Colors of black, orange or textures are streamlined, not picky but still shining. Combined with personal accessories to bring confidence, dynamism, and “escape” the town to the blue sea and sunshine.

Elegant elegant style

Feminine, gentle but exuding noble charm – she can find the perfect choice of swimwear of the Classic line, discreet but still cleverly showing off the body curve; or gently concealing will be a great choice for traditional girls, not too revealing but still radiant. Classic feminine sunglasses accessories will help to enhance your elegance.

Brilliant style stands out

Summer is indispensable for the fresh and brilliant colors. The sweet flower comes from ELLE’s Flower swimwear line, with spongy, stylized and striking details giving radiant, fresh, energetic tones, like an endless summer energy source. . Don’t forget to spread your irresistible heat when combining stylish swimwear and youthful, eye-catching summer glasses, confidently burning every look.