Roberto Cavalli brand – Brand introduction

Roberto Cavalli brand is the first premium product that founder Roberto Cavalli created. In 1970, Roberto Cavalli released his first collection. Two years later, the first store opened in Saint-Tropez. Through many ups and downs, Roberto Cavalli is one of the leading brands of the fashion world. Currently, Roberto Cavalli brand has product lines such as clothes, perfume, glasses … for men and women. Roberto Cavalli once said: “I continue to fulfill my dream. Each of us needs dreams and we must continue to dream.” Indeed, Roberto Cavalli’s products are associated with joy and optimism, with success and charm, with high levels and aesthetics. Roberto Cavalli’s world is a free and informal world. Roberto Cavalli’s fashion concept is the overall experience. The designs designed by Roberto Cavalli are not merely a way of dressing, but also a lifestyle. Roberto Cavalli truly brings dreams and aspirations to fashion lovers from the energy he sends in high-end products. Roberto Cavalli blends traditional crafts with modern experiments to create innovative and constantly changing designs, to highlight the hidden beauty of every woman. With the motto: “A dress can change your life,” Roberto Cavalli is a brand associated with famous names like Madonna, Sharon Stone, Drew Berrymore, Demi Moore, Carherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer. Lopez. , Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce Knowles, Charlize Theron, Victoria Beckham and Kate Hudson.

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