Pinko brand – Brand introduction

The Pinko brand was founded by Pietro Negra and Crstina Rubini, considered one of the unique fashion brands. Especially, in choosing materials, Pinko is very fastidious and only uses high quality materials. Therefore, this brand is very popular with customers. Pinkdo represents what is original, independent and positive, reflecting each woman’s unique personality. The product of the brand always exudes the elegance, style and quality, which is deeply ingrained in the Italian fashion identity. The process of creating a set of clothes is done entirely in Italy. With creative patterns, high-quality fabric materials, top-cut sewing techniques and unique accessories … All Pinko collections give customers the comfort to wear but still ensure the evaluation. Fine of dress. Pinko builds a “fast fashion” idea with every collection released every week to meet market demand. Pinko’s success is mainly due to the use of technological innovation, good production methods, good quality and always leading the trend. One of the brand’s famous designers is Alessandra Facchinetti, who creates new fashion collections. Currently, Pinko’s worldwide system has 410 distribution points with 60 independent stores, 100 stores and more than 250 franchise stores.

Origin: Italy
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