Pierre Hardy brand – Brand introduction

Pierre Hardy is a French fashion designer, including shoes, bags and accessories for men and women. Each time he launches his new collection, Pierre Hardy focuses a lot of time on ideas and research. His design thinking is not based on the trend or history of the fashion industry but is based primarily on graphic skills, knowledge of architecture and art. Pierre Hardy’s shoes are miniature architectural works with simple sculptural details. In 1999, he founded his own fashion brand for his name. Pierre Hardy’s first fashion product specializes in women’s shoes. In 2002, he launched a collection of shoes and bags for men. In 2003, the first PIERRE HARDY store was opened in Paris. In 2010, PIERRE HARDY US flagship store was opened in New York City West Village. In 2012, the PIERRE HARDY brand was introduced in Europe through an online electronic store system.

Origin: France
Website: http: //www.pierrehardy.com/
Fanpage: https: //www.facebook.com/pages/Pierre-Hardy/154711878325