Paul & Joe brand – Brand introduction

Brand Paul & Joe was started by designer Sophie Albou with a fashion line for men. In 1995, the brand launched the women’s clothing line. With the first show in New York City in 1996, Paul & Joe received high marks from experts and fashion lovers. In 2009, the company reopened its branch in London after a period of closure to revise its organizational structure. Today, Paul & Joe is a recognized brand and is sold around the world with hundreds of global retail stores, there is a large fashion show that is regularly scheduled at Paris Fashion Week. from this year. In 1998 and advertising campaigns often appeared in famous French and international fashion magazines … Brands include smaller brands like Paul & Joe Femme, Paul & Joe Sister, Paul & Joe Homme, Paul & Joe Beauté, Paul & Joe Eyewear, Paul & Joe Maroquinerie. Paul & Joe Femme is the brand’s main product line, chic, elegant and trendy Parisian style. This line mainly provides costumes for women – fastidious and qualified customers, they love beauty and know what suits them. Paul & Joe Sister is a product line that is true to its name: for girls. More casual, more fun, more affordable, it offers exciting, lively and extremely fashionable clothes. Paul & Joe Homme is a modern wardrobe for men with a tweed jacket, printed motif or classic T-shirt. Paul & Joe Beauté specializes in perfumes and beauty products, Paul & Joe Eyewear produces fashionable eyewear and Paul & Joe Maroquinerie brings the perfect bag.

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