Flower towels, short bermuda …: 4 favorite styles from Asia to Europe

The shirt is changed from a scarf to enhance the beauty of the wearer without revealing too much flesh. Beautiful and cool, it is certainly two of the top criteria of today’s sophisticated ladies. Because a suit though fashion to some but wearing secret, uncomfortable, can not accompany women more than once. Fortunately, the present

Early forecast of autumn and winter trend 2019: 5 colors are very HOT

Neutral colors in a dull winter sometimes make people feel bland, boring. Color is an indispensable part when it comes to fashion. Sometimes, choosing style, mixing stylish but not trendy colors can also make you less stylish. Before visiting 2019 winter fall, pocket the top colors that promise to make you better in a note:

3 ways to distinguish the most detailed “real or fake” brand product

Using branded products with well-known brands in the world has become an indispensable need for a large number of consumers. You spend a lot of money to buy branded products, but in return you get a fake and poor quality product. There have been many questions about these issues. At a large customer survey program

High-heeled flip-flops: Coming to dominate all roads

Beautiful looking flip-flops have been upgraded with high-heeled versions to create a new fashion trend. The flip-flops with a simple design, including flat soles and Y-shaped straps to hold the legs, so it’s quite solid. This type of sandals is very popular since ancient Egypt. Many believe that modern flip-flops come from Japan, close to

The 5-year-old girl “stormed” with the famous cosplay star to attend the event

Stefani Chaglar (5 years old, from Turkey) used to “storm” the network with a “fake” dress, but the designs were copied when going to the red carpet. Recently, the lovely girl continues to “cut the heart” of the online community with a new set of photos with elaborate, more impressive costumes. A gorgeous but expensive

Zara has released 5 autumn-winter fashion trends 2019

The famous fashion house Zara recently made people excited when launching designs leading the autumn and winter trend of 2019. For fashionistas, Zara is the world’s best-selling brand. The company stands out with its exquisite design, leading the trend, good quality and reasonable prices. This year, fashion models for autumn and winter, which fall between

Zuhair Murad brand – Brand introduction

Zuhair Murad brand was founded in 1997 by international fashion designer Beirut Zuhair Murad. Not long after that, he built a great reputation in the fashion village. Fashion to Zuhair Murad as a hobby. “From an early age, I used to imagine design for imaginary customers. I always liked working in a luxury fashion world.