15 men’s sneaker models under 100$

Perhaps you think choosing a cheap sneaker but still not fashionable. Many people still think that good shoes are not cheap, but don’t worry, here are some suggestions for you. In the following list, it is not difficult for us to encounter big names such as Nike, adidas or New Balance with familiar names. 1.

Omega brand – Brand introduction

The Omega brand was formerly known as La Generale watch company, founded by the famous watchmaker Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1848. In 1894, Louis Brandt’s two sons were Louis Paul and César revolutionized machine control systems, allowing product components to be interchangeable. This technique has brought incredible success to Louis family and

Jigsaw brand – Brand introduction

Jigsaw is a British company involved in the design, manufacture and retail of clothing and accessories for more than forty years. Founded by John Robinson in 1969, Jigsaw is still privately owned by him and his wife. From the first stores in Hampstead and Brighton, the company has expanded to more than 40 stores across

Lindex brand – Brand introduction

The Lindex brand is one of the corporations specializing in the trading of apparel and underwear products for women, children and men in the European market. Since its establishment, Lindex has been present in 14 countries with 450 stores. The original goal was to orient and produce affordable fashion items for women, but with success

Ted Baker brand – Brand introduction

After developing into a well-known brand specializing in men’s shirts in Glasgow, England, Ted Baker quickly became a place for contemporary men to find suitable shirts. From the early days, Ted Baker was clear, consistent, focused on quality, paying attention to details with outlandish humor. Ted Baker’s first store also provides laundry services for every

Claude Bernard brand – Brand introduction

Located in the Jura Mountains region of Switzerland, the Claude Bernard brand is named after a famous watchmaker in the Jura region founded by Victor Strambini. In 1983, the brand built a new factory with the most advanced technology at the time. During the time since its founding, Claude Bernard has developed and succeeded thanks

Bubberry brand – Brand introduction

Taking the symbol of a knight with the “Prorsum” flag and typical checkered pattern, Bubberry is the world’s leading fashion brand with 9,000 employees and 473 stores worldwide. Bubberry was founded by Thomas Bubberry – a cloth seller in England – when he was 21 years old. In 1879, Burberry used a secret manufacturing process

The 10 hottest hair colors fall you should know

Color Pale Pink: According to Stephanie Brown – IGK’s hair color master in New York (USA), we should thank American female player Megan Rapinoe. Because of her, you can see this outstanding hair color throughout the season. If you want to keep your hair color persistent, use a pink hair shampoo. It can be said

Preppy fashion style of the elite

The preppy style on stage on Autumn-Winter this year has many new variations. Cardigan, blazer jacket, plaid skirt legs perfect choice for days on Autumn. Preppy style originated in the early 20th century when girls in the wealthiest families in American private schools attended preparatory classes – “preparatory school” before entering university. The gentleness, elegance

High-heeled sandal – a great “hacking height” item

When the sunny days are still there, you should immediately add some high-heeled, slender sandals to your wardrobe! Referring to French women, as a natural reflex, people will spend a lot of “winged” adjectives such as sophistication, elegance, especially when referring to their fashion style. The French ladies own the style that is admired by