Office fashion for ladies to work in hot sunny days

The weather does not please everyone, office ladies do not forget to wear nice and elegant.

The boundary between seasons in the year seems to be more and more fragile. The evidence is that autumn is coming, but the weather in many places is still very hot and stuffy.

The days of weather do not please everyone, some office ladies do not forget the 4 items to help heat and help promote the style:

1. White shirt

Just like the most popular outfits at work, white shirts never stop women from falling in love. Especially in the hot weather like now, this is a more item for you to work with your sister every day. Don’t worry about wearing a white shirt that will make me look boring, old, because in addition to mixing white shirts and shirts this year there are many styles to choose from, ancient and traditional, from short to long …

2. Ankle shorts

The hot days, wearing long pants to work is definitely not pleasant. Meanwhile, shorts are even more inappropriate. Nice and polite, cool, most elegant, only shorts, ankle-high shoes but not too far from the ankles. You can choose a fit, gentle shape or a graceful flap, as long as the length is as reasonable as it is mentioned, it’s easy to wear and won’t be bothered by the heat.

3. Light skirt

Extremely high cut skirts are never welcome at work. In contrast, the designs that possess a delicate thin line are different. They are full of feminine beauty with a bit of sexy but totally non-frivolous and offensive in the office. With this type of dress, women should combine minimalist and discreet items to create a sense of balance and elegance.

4. Pastel color costumes

There is a legend that says that just pastel colors, body temperature will decrease by at least a few degrees! Whether or not, no one verified, only know that pastel colored clothes for female office workers are said to bring extremely beautiful beauty and soft eyes. They are definitely the right and smart choice in the hot days still not letting go of the beauty of the present.