Monsoon brand – Brand introduction

Monsoon is a unique brand of clothing, perfumes, shoes and accessories for women and children, founded by Peter Simon in Luan Don in 1973. Intrinsic beauty of fabrics and colors in Mon Wind’s origin products come from India, Afghanistan and other Far East countries, creating a strong impact on customers’ tastes. Combining modern design expertise with traditional techniques, the brand offers a variety of unique printing products on cotton. In May 1973, the Monsoon Shop was inaugurated at Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge and London. Today, Mon Wind’s talented design team collects inspiration and ideas from around the world. The first collection was designed in London since the 1970s. Adventure and extrovert spirit has greatly influenced the design team, just like how this brand was formed: the founder was inspired. inspiration. After the trip to Asia The monsoon cooperates with local craftsmen to create more unique accents on costumes. The company’s women’s line of products is known for its luxurious style through intricate details and wood-carved heritage prints on delicate fabrics. In 1984, Mon Wind established the Accessorize brand, bringing a vibrant and powerful concept to fashion accessories with many special handwriting products. Quickly expanding from its main base in London, in May 2000, Mon Wind has 135 stores in the UK, 27 overseas and an online sales site. The stores then continue to be opened in Australia, Denmark, France, Malta, Gibraltar, Iceland, the Middle East, New Zealand and the United States.

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