Meghan Markle became one of the most powerful fashion editors in the world

Meghan once again surprised the world by becoming one of the most powerful fashion editors in the world.
Vogue UK, one of the world’s leading fashion magazines, has just officially announced the invitation of his wife Prince Harry to become the guest editor in the upcoming special issue.

Specifically, the Duchess of Sussex, 37, was appointed guest editor of a special section on feminism. The cover will feature the face of young environmental activist Greta Thunberg, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, Ramla Ali puncher along with actor Salma Hayek Pinault.

According to the disclosure, the Vogue fashion bible initially invited Meghan Markle to become a cover character, but she refused. The 37-year-old former actress said she wanted to divert readers to “values, things and people that influence the modern world”.

The only photo recorded the moment when the editor of Princess Meghan Markle published long ago. Many media sources believe that this is understood that the discussions between Meghan and Vogue began in January and she has been collaborating for months.
This issue will be released on August 2, this will be one of the most important publications of this cult magazine.
The first time I took on the role of Editor, Meghan first shared with the media: “From this point of view, I hope everyone can feel the power of a group of colorful women in their efforts. change the world”.
Fashion styles, activities for women … are things that Meghan always loves and admires. The prestigious magazine in Vogue also has the most readers of the Princess in the world, so her job as a Guest Editor is not too difficult to understand.
The fashion images of Princess Meghan are always updated and quickly form the trend on the world’s leading fashion bible.
Princess Meghan is a fashion icon admired by many global women.
Each of her costumes always brings a certain fashion inspiration for women. Meghan also said: “I hope readers will also be inspired through these newspapers.”

While Meghan Markle is emerging as a kite with the wind and this exciting new role, the famous sister-in-law Kate Middleton doubts the real beauty. Accordingly, in the latest public appearance, Kate shows off her youthful beauty and sweet smile when attracting every day.

In addition to winged compliments, some say that Kate in this event has a more unusual face than the previous appearance.

Netizens were skeptical about the comments that her forehead and the corners of her eyes were wrinkled, even when smiling. They suspect that Kate can inject Botox on her face and especially the forehead to keep her skin smooth, spotless and younger.

The incredible beauty of Kate suspected of injecting Botox on her face. The wrinkles gradually faded and Princess Kate’s shiny skin was currently causing fever.
Previously, a reputable beauty site had a post about Kate using botox to rejuvenate skin after just one year, but this feverish article was quickly removed from the social network.