Lulu Guinness brand – Brand introduction

The brand Lulu Guinness was founded in 1989, when Lulu Guinness was 29 years old. Wishing to turn women’s handbags into a classic-style bag, Lulu’s ideas are always beyond the boundaries of imagination. Although not through any formal design training other than a one-year course at the art school, the success of Lulu Guinness is evidence of deep ambition and passion for fashion. Lulu Guinness stores were developed both in New York, Tokyo and London, products sold on the shelves of the world’s most prestigious stores: from Self Ink, Fortnum, Mason in England to Luisa Via Roma in Italy , Harvey Nichols Dublin and Gallery Lafayette China. Continuing the brand-building path from the early days of its establishment, Lulu designed furniture for each store to ensure customers grasp the true nature of the brand, creating a destination where customers can Reach the strange and wonderful world of Lulu Guinness. Lulu’s iconic design has overcome the role of fashion accessories alone. The bag collection is described as “the treasure of tomorrow.” The brand’s Florist Basket collection is kept at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and has also been exhibited in London Sothwise and New. York’s creation Lulu Guinness is often seen on Helena Bonham Carter’s arms, Florence Welch, Katy Perry, Dita von Teese, Alexa Chung and Christina Aguilera, pioneers with risky styles, bringing intense feelings and humorous, but equally feminine and charming.

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