Lee Ha Neul fashion style “Korean underwear angel”

Lee Ha Neul loves short skirts, funny vignette accessories.

Model Lee Ha Neul likes fresh, dynamic styles in everyday life as well as when going to events.
During this summer’s trip, she wore a loose shirt, revealing her underwear.
With a height of 1.6 m, Lee Ha Neul often chooses short skirts at the knees to “cheat” the height.
Beauty rarely wears dark colors, often choosing pastel or light colors.
Lee Ha Neul loves funny accessories and textures like smiling faces and colorful fruits.
She usually wears orange or pink tones, perfecting a sweet, feminine style.
Lee Ha Neul, 26, is Korea’s famous underwear angel. According to ET, she is often called an internal queen by the audience thanks to her sweet, sweet appearance. She is also the face of several cosmetic brands.
Lee Ha Neul also runs a fashion brand with his name.
Lee Ha Neul’s personal page has 1.2 million followers. Many audiences like her healthy, fresh style as a lingerie model.