Learn 4 simple and stylish tips from fashion bloggers

If you feel stuck in personal style, please refer to the following 4 beautiful wear tips of famous fashion bloggers!

There are hundreds of thousands of people who click on Instagram account of fashion bloggers to quickly update beautiful, fashionable and luxurious clothes. However, not everyone can fine tune the quintessential formulas from fashion bloggers, apply to themselves and enhance their own style. In fact, good tips of fashion bloggers are not “big”, they simply manipulate at least 4 suggestions below.

1. When doing simple things, they will create highlight

The idea, fashion bloggers will prioritize very stylish items, not everyone wears beautiful but in fact, they also only draw objects with basic fashion items such as simple shirts and T-shirts. , jeans … but very attractive, stylish.

What they say more about us is the ability to create accents. Similarly, the colors are minimalist, neutral or pastel colors … but just add some gold and gold accessories, choose real and trendy lip colors, or tie the shirt, asymmetrical vin … The map set has Absolute scores at a trendy level, demonstrating extremely formidable aesthetics.

2. Wear patterned clothes but the color scheme is usually polite.

Fashion bloggers spend a lot of bias on neutral and minimalist items but if there is only one “boxed” style in basic items, someone’s style will disappear. Therefore, the graphics still have a very strong position in the wardrobe of famous ladies wearing beautiful clothes.

But the bottom line is that if fashion has motifs, fashion bloggers will prioritize dishes with elegant colors, instead of flashy and colorful. This option ensures that their product suite is interesting and outstanding, but is still appreciated for elegance and elegance.

3. Short shirt + high pants, are not simply for “hacking” the physique

Whether owning a humble height or ideal, fashion bloggers will never forget the “hack” task with the two most familiar accents, vin or short jacket + high pants.

However, besides the ability to improve height, two excellent techniques also create elegant and stylish features.

4. Sunglasses are great accessories

If don’t wear sunglasses, the fashion bloggers will gently put on your shirt, or adorn your hair. So no matter how simple they put on the costumes, the appearance also exudes a sense of play, a greatness. Great touch of sunglasses for this outfit is extremely ideal for you to apply in the walks, going to the beach or taking photos of virtual life.