Isabel Marant brand – Brand introduction

The Isabel Marant brand was founded in 1994 by designer Isabel Marant. Isabel first started the brand in 1990 as Twen before changing it to Isabel Marant. The ready-to-wear 2015 Spring-Summer collection has been released as the first ticket to bring the French designer into the luxury fashion world. The first Isabel Marant store was opened in 1998 in an old art studio in Bastille district, Paris. A year later, Isabel launched the second product line, Isabel Marant Etoile, with a simple and affordable design. In 2010, the brand opened its first international store in Soho District, New York and constantly expanded its network. The company has more than 10 stores worldwide in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Los Angeles, Beijing, Madrid, Beirut, London and retail stores in 35 countries. In 2012, Isabel Marant established its headquarters and is also the main design studio in downtown Paris. Only one line of clothing and knitwear products, the brand’s strength is the production of high-end footwear. Many celebrities such as Kate Bosworth, Katie Holmes, Anne Hathaway and Hilary Duff all chose Isabel Marant’s products at events. Isabel Marant has collaborated and designed collections for H&M brands. This collection is sold out in minutes at H & M’s online address, even collapsing the brand’s website. . Since its founding, Isabel Marant has increased its annual sales by 30%.

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