High quality jewelry collection – Creative nature of big fashion houses

Along with the high fashion season, fashion brands are constantly launching high-quality jewelry collections, bringing the essence of admirable creativity and aesthetic thinking.

Along with the fashion week for Paris’s Winter Fashion Collection, June is also the climax for brands to introduce the latest Luxury Collection.


The love story between Coco Chanel and the Russian duke Dmitri Pavlovich has become the inspiration for Le Paris Russe de Chanel jewelry collection. The two-part collection, Russian Splendor inspired by the sun icon and the two-headed eagle icon on Coco Chanel’s mirror is located in the apartment on Rue Cambon; Russian folklore is a more modern style, inspired by the Russian designs she used since the 1920s.


In Venice, Dior launched the Dior Gem Collection, marking the 20th anniversary of the high-end jewelry line, as well as the adherence period of creative director Victoire de Castellane. Multi-colored gemstones are the focal point of the collection, including diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pink sapphire, green tourmaline, tsavorite, tanzanite, rubeef …


Gucci officially entered the jewelry playground with high-end jewelry and the first collection named Hortus Deliciarum – Garden of joy. Inspired by the versatile, poetic universe of creative director Alessandro Michele, high-end jewelry in gold, precious stones, diamonds and pearls has a magical attraction for a collection of 200 items.


Taking place in London’s famous 180 The Strand building, Cartier’s “Importance” collection has been introduced, marking a new level of jewelry makers creating contrast in color and material. In addition to rare and precious stones such as colored diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphire, designs are also attached to precious stones such as quartz, cat eye stone, lapis lazuli stone.


The 1950s were considered the golden age of Hollywood because most came from the noble and beautiful beauty of the female stars. It is also the main inspiration for Bvlgari’s latest high-end collection called “Cinemagia”. Besides 150 unique designs from precious metals and mineral stones, “Action!” The necklace is considered to be most notable with the main material being zirconium first used in jewelry making.


Louis Vuitton presents Francesca Amfitheatrof’s “Rider of The Knight” collection, the new creative director of jewelry. For example, women like heroines and Collections are inspired by medieval warriors like Jeanne and Aaron and Mulan to honor the feminine beauty of women during this period.