Handbook for one-piece swimwear to show charm

How to choose a piece of swimwear to deftly conceal defects but still help you seduce?

Don’t mistakenly think that only a two-piece bikini design can thoroughly show your physique, one-piece swimsuits are not inferior in this section if you choose models that fit your physical characteristics. It looks “discreet” and not very attractive, but the stylized monochromatic swimsuit design with cut lines, patterns, and subtle colors will help you hide your weaknesses and become more sexy than ever.

Hide bread waistline

In addition to the high-waist bikini designs, seamless swimsuits are the best choice for bread waist girls. However, you should limit the selection of designs to the cut-out lines and click the messy texture at the waistline; because they will lead attention to that defect. To make it more attractive, prioritize monochromatic swimsuits with mesh cut, lace, elastic or tight waist. These designs will help you “conceal” excess fat, while increasing the charm for your waistline. You should also incorporate neutral or vertical stripes to become slimmer.


Increasing charm for girls with a small round

For a modest round girl, designs of seamless swimsuits with stylized chests such as bobbing, lace, bow … or busting breasts with thin sucking pads will make the first round look significantly more attractive. Take care of the bright colors, or have a prominent pattern to “hack” the real measurements. You should limit the selection of horizontal swimwear samples because they not only turn a beautiful baby into a “flat screen” but also very easy to drift when encountering large waves or strong movements.


Shows big breasts

Possessing huge breasts is the dream of many girls. However, women need a lot of know-how when choosing swimwear to honor this great beauty. She prioritizes designs with large tablecloths to support the first round, making them firm and neat. Do not subjectively choose tight-fitting designs or too thin straps and lethargic hooks. Just a big wave comes and … “disaster” can happen at any time. Choose simple, smooth, colorful designs with small patterns that will help your body look lighter and more elegant.


“HACK” Silhouette of short legged girl

With a short back profile – short legs, a thin swimwear design with large floral patterns and valances to enhance the waistline a bit, and similar to the tube section to create a “virtual” curve is the perfect choice. In addition, the asymmetrical shoulder designs, the daring deep cut neck or the back of the back will be a “powerful weapon” for visual deception, making people look more focused on the upper part instead of foot.