Furla brand – Brand introduction

Unlike many other fashion companies, Furla is a rare company that maintains family models but still succeeds in applying modern management technologies in business. Furla brand was founded by the Furlanetto family with the aim of exploiting lines of bags, shoes and jewelry. In order to provide women with the leather products and accessories they want, Furla aims to produce commercial industrial products, closely linked to the lifestyle of the times, according to the rhythm and progress of society in the period of economic boom, aiming to bring customers’ stories into their own designs. In the 1970s, the first collection of bags with the Furla logo was released. Choosing a proactive approach, Furla introduced unusual production methods and used uncommon materials such as nylon and rubber. The brand immediately achieved success by changing the perspective of society’s needs with the strength, independence and freedom of women when they paid for new fashion items. The house is exported to 71 countries with 156 corporate stores and 164 franchise stores worldwide. Furla’s headquarters are located in Bologna, Italy, in a villa built in the 18th century. Furla has 5 subsidiaries in the US, France, Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea. In 2011, Furla earned sales of 179 million Euro – an impressive number for Italian fashion village.

Origin: Italy
Website: http: //www.furla.com/oc/
Fanpage: https: //www.facebook.com/Furla