Flower towels, short bermuda …: 4 favorite styles from Asia to Europe

The shirt is changed from a scarf to enhance the beauty of the wearer without revealing too much flesh.

Beautiful and cool, it is certainly two of the top criteria of today’s sophisticated ladies. Because a suit though fashion to some but wearing secret, uncomfortable, can not accompany women more than once.

Fortunately, the present time has up to four styles of fashions that fully meet the two difficult criteria above. If you do not have time to update, you do not hesitate too long because you do not know when the weather will return:

1. Variations from scarves

Promoted from the star to the ordinary people, the style of variation from the silk scarf looked over very difficult but not difficult to conquer at all. In addition to the advantage of being able to take advantage of existing scarves, no need to invest more, variations from towels also help to enhance the beauty of the wearer without exposing too much area of ​​the skin. This is the second cool and sexy style of this summer!

2. Nightgown

In the past, nightgowns were worn only in private places. Today, if you want to be considered sophisticated, you must be ready to wear a nightgown to the street, in public places. However, how the nightgown wears is beautiful. You also need to know how to coordinate, add accessories such as hats, jewelry, shoes to match. In addition, the nightgown also has a flexible mix with light T-shirts or outerwear, still ensuring the coolness and charm.

3. Austria shows off its waist

2019 is really a boom year of Austria showing off its waist. It only covers the breast in a sexy way … With the high temperature situation in general, women have many opportunities to wear Austria to show off their waist very cool. The couple you love and wear from year to year is not boring with your back and jeans, both shorts are beautiful.

4. Badger shorts

If 2018 is the year of the supremacy of the 2019 “hot pant” shorts, short shorts (bermuda short) with the length of thighs or just touching the knee is the most favorite. Not showing off too much skin like hot pant but bermuda shortened score by fit and high applicability. Besides, wearing hot pant on hot days is like “torturing” flesh, while with moderate length, short bermuda still ensures coolness and much more effective foot protection.