Flip-flops “Favorite” accessories from home to street

“Flip-flops” is a very popular item. But it can become a fashion accessory if you know how to choose clothes.

The flip-flops have never been outdated because of the comfortable feeling that it gives users. Especially in the summer, in hot and stuffy weather, people tend to leave narrow sports shoes or rigid high shoes. If delicate and skillful, flip-flops can become a fashion item that attracts all street views.

From popular items

The flip-flops have been around for 6,000 thousand years and have changed over time, so it has very high popularity. Fast, compact, light and comfortable, the flip-flops image used at home or on the sea was so familiar.

Turn into fashion accessories

In recent years, when fashion applications are more popular, people often look for “versatile” items: both convenient, comfortable but can be combined with many designs, many other items. The flip-flops are not out of that trend. Instead of feminine high heels, “flip flops” can be considered part of “high fashion”.

Even fashionistas or cult stars can not “resist” the attraction from the trend of flip-flops. Not only “from the house to the street”, flip-flops are also combined with trendy street clothes during fashion weeks.

Turn ordinary items into expensive accessories

Of course, that’s not a trend of wearing a feminine dress and going into a pair of flip-flops. Because of “popularity”, sometimes flip-flops need sophistication in their coordination. If you are not careful, flip-flops can make you sloppy, even indecent when you step out onto the street.

Simple style

When deciding to use flip-flops as a fashion accessory, pay attention to the dress, so you have the same harmony with the accessories. A feminine and extravagant spread dress certainly cannot come with the simple, monotonous style of flip-flops. At that time, minimalist style was a great choice.

Attention to costume materials

The time of the most popular flip-flops is also the time when cool materials like “linen” and “cotton” are “crowned”. Therefore, wearing a suit or skirt made from such material, combined with flip-flops is an ideal style.

Accessories included

Just like choosing clothes, accessories with flip-flops also need similarities. Baseball caps, net bags or “rustic” accessories made of bamboo can become more eye-catching when combined with flip-flops.