The rise of 6 trends promises to boom the Fall-Winter fashion village 2019

To welcome the new season, fashion followers rushed to find unique and strange ideas to refresh the autumn-winter wardrobe. The streetstyle image flooding the profile of Asian girls IT girls is the ideal suggestion for this year’s trend. Here are 6 promising trends to stir the fad that you can refer to. Pink – Romantic

Early forecast of autumn and winter trend 2019: 5 colors are very HOT

Neutral colors in a dull winter sometimes make people feel bland, boring. Color is an indispensable part when it comes to fashion. Sometimes, choosing style, mixing stylish but not trendy colors can also make you less stylish. Before visiting 2019 winter fall, pocket the top colors that promise to make you better in a note:

High-heeled flip-flops: Coming to dominate all roads

Beautiful looking flip-flops have been upgraded with high-heeled versions to create a new fashion trend. The flip-flops with a simple design, including flat soles and Y-shaped straps to hold the legs, so it’s quite solid. This type of sandals is very popular since ancient Egypt. Many believe that modern flip-flops come from Japan, close to

Zara has released 5 autumn-winter fashion trends 2019

The famous fashion house Zara recently made people excited when launching designs leading the autumn and winter trend of 2019. For fashionistas, Zara is the world’s best-selling brand. The company stands out with its exquisite design, leading the trend, good quality and reasonable prices. This year, fashion models for autumn and winter, which fall between

Five 90s Fashion Items that are Seriously Back on Trend

The 90s were the time of Tamagotchi’s and brick-sized mobile phones. When people had to dial up to get onto the internet, and Beanie Babies were seen as a great investment. It was when girl bands and boy bands ruled the music stage, and of course classics such as Friends and Clueless were released. Let’s

What fashion trends are “promoted” by ITZY in the new MV?

Catching melodies, eye-catching choreography plus impressive “looks”, ITZY’s ICY is creating a new craze. Unique costumes of 5 rookie girls also become the focus. Unlike the sexy image of the MV that debuted DALLA DALLA, 5 ITZY girls came back with dynamic, young and energetic images in the new MV ICY. Considered a rookie girl

Advice on choosing male sunglasses – 6 the trend of male sunglasses is on the throne

When you don’t know which sunglasses to choose, there are two simple ways. First, you can choose classic models like Ray Ban’s Wayfarer. Or the second way is to rely on patterns based on trends in shape and color. Many male sunglasses will be upgraded to UV protection, prevent crow’s feet and erase wrinkles on

10 colors will become fashion trends in 2020

Here, the 10 key colour trends you’ll be seeing (and wearing) in 2020. Digital Brights: Cerulean blue at Joseph Resort 2020 The early noughties staple (famously dissected in The Devil Wears Prada) made a welcome comeback on the 2020 runways, after multiple seasons of paler blues. Digital Brights: Cerulean blue at Camilla and Marc Resort 2020 Digital Brights: Cerulean blue at Bondi

Three-dimensional fashion trends and everything you need to know

Because, All That Glitters has got to be the Holographic trend, and if you are someone who loves all things shiny, then the Holographic fashion trend is for you.Fashion designers all over the world are going crazy over the sparkly fabric and are incorporating it in every design. And from what we have heard, the

Flip-flops “Favorite” accessories from home to street

“Flip-flops” is a very popular item. But it can become a fashion accessory if you know how to choose clothes. The flip-flops have never been outdated because of the comfortable feeling that it gives users. Especially in the summer, in hot and stuffy weather, people tend to leave narrow sports shoes or rigid high shoes.