Fashion style of the 16-year-old Japanese model

Koki – the brightest adolescent model in Japan – often wears tight, back-to-back skirts when attending the event.

According to Elle, joining a one-year village, Koki (real name Mitsuki Kimura) is Japan’s leading long leg. She regularly attended the event as a representative of international brands.

Koki wears tight skirts in Taiwan.
She chose a penetrating dress when promoting a technology product.
When attending the event, Koki often chose a dress to show height to 1.7 m.
In Life magazine, Koki shares his shape by working hard at the gym.
Her favorite spot on the body is moles near her temples. This trace made her feel different.
She said she wanted to become a woman who looks elegant, strong inside, and thinking for others.
According to Et, Koki is Japan’s top-sought model. Last year, she signed an advertising contract for Bvlgari, becoming the brand’s youngest ambassador. In May, she catwalked for the Chanel show in France.
Koki grew up in an artistic tradition. Her mother is Kudou Shizuka – singer, actress, artist and jewelry designer. Koki’s father is Kimura Takuya – an influential actor and singer in Japan. The actor was born in 1972 many times and won the best actor award at the Drama Academy Awards. Kimura Takuya is dubbed the “Prince of ratings” of Japanese television.

Photo: Et, Elle, Vogue