Stylish colorful with retro sneakers

With classic design lines and never out of fashion, the retro sneakers are capable of transforming with countless stylish mixes. In the dictionary of trendy followers, retro sneakers are the term used for shoes that are up to several decades old or designs inspired by fashion sound decades ago. Blending classic and contemporary beauty, retro

Which Converse collection will be the focus of outfit for the back-to-school season

Which sneakers will accompany you in the upcoming back-to-school season? Converse has become a national shoe in recent years so it is impossible not to put it on the outfit list for the back-to-school season but this time we will go deeper about them, along with the list of Converse shoes on the latest shelves.

4 ways to coordinate bracelets and watches

Matching bracelets and watches helps to highlight your watch, while creating a highlight to complete the overall outfit. Bracelets and watches are two indispensable accessories for fashion followers. The combination of watches and one or more models of bracelets on the same arm creates a new, different look for the wearer. To avoid heavy, messy

15 men’s sneaker models under 100$

Perhaps you think choosing a cheap sneaker but still not fashionable. Many people still think that good shoes are not cheap, but don’t worry, here are some suggestions for you. In the following list, it is not difficult for us to encounter big names such as Nike, adidas or New Balance with familiar names. 1.

High-heeled sandal – a great “hacking height” item

When the sunny days are still there, you should immediately add some high-heeled, slender sandals to your wardrobe! Referring to French women, as a natural reflex, people will spend a lot of “winged” adjectives such as sophistication, elegance, especially when referring to their fashion style. The French ladies own the style that is admired by

Converse creates a fashion craze with a collection of shoes that change color in the sunshine

Converse has partnered with Chinatown Market to launch an impressive collection of shoes. Described as the mood ring for user feet, this shoe collection will change colors vividly when exposed to the sun’s rays. Accordingly, this collection is normal white sneakers. What makes them especially when exposed to UV rays in the sun, these shoes

High-heeled flip-flops: Coming to dominate all roads

Beautiful looking flip-flops have been upgraded with high-heeled versions to create a new fashion trend. The flip-flops with a simple design, including flat soles and Y-shaped straps to hold the legs, so it’s quite solid. This type of sandals is very popular since ancient Egypt. Many believe that modern flip-flops come from Japan, close to

Sneakers “cause storms” in the first half of 2019

Check out the most impressive sneakers again in the spring of summer 2019. When inspiring sports fashion into an “explosive” period, sneakers are “searched” more than ever. From classic shoes to future shoes, the world of sports shoes always challenges curiosity and ability to collect fashion followers. Check out similar shoes “storming” in the first

High quality jewelry collection – Creative nature of big fashion houses

Along with the high fashion season, fashion brands are constantly launching high-quality jewelry collections, bringing the essence of admirable creativity and aesthetic thinking. Along with the fashion week for Paris’s Winter Fashion Collection, June is also the climax for brands to introduce the latest Luxury Collection. CHANEL The love story between Coco Chanel and the

The latest Converse x GOLF le FLEUR shoe model

Converse x shoes GOLF le FLEUR * Color Block is listed as the most anticipated sport shoe The latest model of Converse x GOLF le FLEUR with characteristic motifs promises to be the hottest “sneaker” autumn – winter 2019. From now until now, only 2 Golf packages Le Fleur brought to Vietnam are Converse GLF