Emily Ratajkowski coordinates clothes with extremely active sneaker

Possessing a shape that is difficult to compare with sexy, seductive breasts “Emily Ratajkowski does not hesitate to get used to smooth skirt designs!

In addition to sexy costumes, 27-year-old beauty also has a bikini collection that can make anyone “nosebleed” … Generally, whether bikini or walking outfit or red carpet, it’s hard to compare with Emily Ratajkowski about daring.

However, there is a truth discovered by many beautiful Gone Girl fans, that is, despite having a rich wardrobe, outstanding fashion style, Emily Ratajkowski is almost only loyal to one type. shoes: White sneaker!

Like a teenage girl who loves to dress up, Emily Ratajkowski has a special affection for white sneakers! She has a collection of shoes from many brands: Adidas, Reebok, Nike …, but in common, they all have the main colors are white or ivory, the style is strong, sometimes even quite pit.

What’s interesting is that Emily Ratajkowski does not only wear sneakers with jeans or casual sportswear, but even in the style of suede dresses, or with super sexy swimsuit, she doesn’t mind! This shows how much love Emily Ratajkowski has for big sneakers …

Admire the times Emily Ratajkowski coordinates clothes with sneaker extremely dynamic, worth learning: