Elie Saab brand – Brand introduction

Elie Saab brand was founded by Elie Saab in 1982, when he was only 18 years old. It was originally a fashion sewing factory in Beyrouth, Lebanon with 10 employees. A few months later, Elie Saab released her first collection and completely conquered young girls with feminine designs.

In 1997, for the first time, Elie Saab’s collection performed at Milan Fashion Week (Italy). A year later, the brand’s ready-made fashion collection continues to perform here and is well received. The number of customers increased rapidly, Elie Saab stores were opened after each season in Paris, London, Madrid, Moscow, Los Angeles, Hong Kong …

In 2002, designer Elie Saab moved to Paris and opened a ready fashion show. In November 2006, he became a permanent member of the High Quality Sewing Association (Chambre syndicale de la haute couture). In the same year, the store was opened in the most privileged position in Paris, where Elie Saab’s creative designs were born. In July 2008, the Elie Saab brand officially opened in the UK in the Harrods store system. The designs in Elie Saab’s “Promise” collection are located on the 1st floor of Harrods. Elie Saab has released the first perfume called “Elie Saab, Le parfum” on the same day of the fall 2012 2011 fashion collection.
Elie Saab’s style is a mix of modern East-West cultures. The designer sought to connect and blend Lebanese living art with modern architectural aesthetics. He chose noble materials such as plain silk, nylon silk, mink fur, satin silk, … and combined them with lighter and lighter materials (mousseline fabric) or thin material. and feminine (lace fabric). Most fabrics he chooses are from France and Italy. He combines his sophisticated clothes with stones that sell luxurious Swarovski metal or combine with purlins. Wedding dresses also contribute to Elie Saab’s name.

Origin: Lebanon
Website: http: //www.eliesaab.com/
Fanpage: https: //www.facebook.com/eliesaabworld