Early forecast of autumn and winter trend 2019: 5 colors are very HOT

Neutral colors in a dull winter sometimes make people feel bland, boring.

Color is an indispensable part when it comes to fashion. Sometimes, choosing style, mixing stylish but not trendy colors can also make you less stylish.

Before visiting 2019 winter fall, pocket the top colors that promise to make you better in a note:

1. Purple

The lavender purple is pale until the more dramatic purple lilac, purple is definitely the fashion that dominates the runway floors recently. Want to create a real trendy look, mix purple “trees” with different tones slightly. Wanting to look warmer, more crowded, purple with gray or brown will definitely not disappoint you.

2. Green

Believers of olive colors, laughs in particular and blue in general will certainly be extremely happy to know that this autumn and winter is the occasion of the throne of 50 green shades. Young, new and bring a different feeling, please forget the colors that have smoothed the cold season like black, gray, brown, try putting on some green items, you will see the investment His is absolutely worthy.

3. Orange color

Do you think hot orange is only for summer? No! This warm color has dominated the runways as well as many streets in the world’s top fashion capitals, ready to approach cold season followers this year. What color is orange wearing? The answer is that this color alone is enough to shine. Want to control its prominence, you can rely on the help of other colors like purple, beige, black …

4. Pink

Add a fashion identity that breaks down the usual autumn and winter rules, it’s pink! Looking at the frequency of the pink designs on the crowded runway floor, many people will feel like they have missed something incredibly sweet and feminine. But don’t worry, by buying some pink items right away, whether it’s hot or cold right now, it’s still not late.

5. Dark yellow

Even though the neutral colors, especially between the cold and gloomy winter, sometimes make people feel bland, bored. Now, adding a warm color suit, such as dark gold, things will improve in a flash. This year, gold is also the predictable color for fashionists to hold, so there is no reason that you will ignore it.