Design men’s wallets for the 2020s

We often have stereotypical thoughts that handbags are just a fashion accessory for women. But in the past few years, we can see that these prejudices are gradually being erased. Men’s handbags are not just a big hard version to show the essence of men, but today there are more options all sizes up to color. But perhaps the most obvious is the wallet, which was previously thought to be for women only. Men’s hand-held purses appear more and more on the street, as well as on stage and stage catwalks with various combinations and combinations.

10 Design male wallet for the 2020s

Luster Round Zip Clutch Grain – Buddy

At the top of the list is a wallet from Japan’s Buddy brand. The wallet is made of 100% nylon material, with the highlight being cowhide line. Men’s hand-held wallet has a basic design, suitable for many daily activities.

Luster Round Zip Clutch Grain by Buddy (Photo: Caliroots)
Reference price: $ 130 (Photo: buddyhappy)

Printed Logo Clutch – A.P.C.

If you are a classic style fan and want to find yourself a portable wallet at an affordable price from a reputable brand, this A.P.C wallet will be the right companion for you. The wallet is black with a prominent white APC logo, with leather that resists light and water.

Printed Logo Clutch A.P.C. (Photo: Farfetch)
Reference price: $ 132 (Photo: Farfetch)

Tanker Document Case – Porter-Yoshida & Co·

The third male hand wallet is Porter-Yoshida & Co.’s Tanker document box. The bag was inspired by the US Air Force MA-1 bomber jacket during World War II. The wallet has many small compartments suitable for furniture management, containing documents with dimensions. A4 and even a 13-inch MacBook “. If you are a military-style fan, which male wallet might be more suitable?

Tanker Document Case – Porter-Yoshida & Co. (Photo: Caliroots)
Reference price: $ 225 (Photo: Caliroots)

Small Malachite Pouch – Acne Studios

Acne Studios logo is printed in minimalist silver with luxurious leather, minimalistic and multi-faceted design to increase diversity in user style. You can completely bring your wallet for every situation, walk to lavish parties. Small Malachite bag is an easy, equally luxurious and flexible companion for every situation.

Small Malachite Pouch – Acne Studios (Photo: Matchesfashion)
Reference price: $ 230 (Photo: Matchesfashion)

Keep Upright Print Pouch – Marni

A sophisticated handmade male wallet in Italy by the big brand Marni. The wallet has monochrome monochrome colors with white color, highlighted with circular graphic motifs with the slogan ‘Keep Upright’ and the logo displayed prominently on the camera body. The wallet is really an essential highlight for your wardrobe for those who are pursuing Monochrome style.

Keep Upright Print Pouch – Marni (Photo: Farfetch)
Reference price: $ 312

Fluo Tess Clutch – Prada

The wallet highlights the orange rubber patch with the Prada logo above. If you are a dynamic, outstanding and different person, Prada’s Fluo Tess Clutch will be for you.

Fluo Tess Clutch – Prada (Photo: Farfetch)
Reference price: $ 377 (Photo: Farfetch)

Zip Pouch – MCM

Becoming a male wallet is not only luxurious but also outstanding by its popularity. The wallet has a luxurious design, the MCM logo is printed on the wallet body and the gold-plated patch stands out on the wallet. Wallet is not only a beauty accessory that suits elegant style but also an option for those who want to assert themselves through the logomania trend shown on the wallet.

Zip Pouch – MCM (Photo: Mcmworldwide)
Reference price: $ 390 (Photo: Mcmworldwide)

Purse / GL-Pouch – NEIGHBORHOOD.

Wallet with black goat leather material, small logo printed near the wall wall. Purse / GL-Pouch is the right choice for those with strong personalities or pursuing styles like grunge or punk.

Purse / GL-Pouch – NEIGHBORHOOD. (Photo: Caliroots)
Reference price: $ 400 (Photo: Caliroots)

Grid T Pouch – Loewe

Is a colorful, harmonious combination of different materials. The front of the wallet is a combination of wool and ribbed fabric – the fabric trend of 2020. The poster is made of leather with a patch with embossed Loewe logo. Wallet is also a harmonious combination of colors: impressive impression but still does not lose the elegance.

Grid T Pouch – Loewe (Photo: Ssense)
Reference price: $ 690 (Photo: Ssense)

Asymmetric Logo Pouch – A-COLD-WALL*

If you are looking for a more brilliant design to make a difference with the crowd and attract the look of fashion week, then you probably can’t take your eyes off this A-COLD- WALL * men’s wallet. The wallet has mirror leather material and fancy quadrilateral design.

Asymmetric Logo Pouch – A-COLD-WALL* (Photo: Farfetch)
Reference price: $ 1260 (Photo: Farfetch)

Reference source: Highsnobiety