Decoding the series of secrets that make up Chanel’s name

An upcoming book will help readers understand more about Chanel’s process of creating impressive fashion designs.
Few places have kept the mystery in fashion, except Chanel’s headquarters at 31 Rue Cambon, Paris. You may have heard about the famous place in this world of humor, but do you understand what is silently happening at the upper floors of the building? And all these mysteries will be answered in a new book coming soon.

Chanel has always been a prestigious fashion brand around the world. Photo: Chanel.


Chanel, The Making of a Collection by Laetitia Cénac, illustrated by famous artist Jean-Philippe Delhomme, will be released next month. The book will give readers a unique perspective on Chanel’s fashion activities and the process of creating the Spring 2019 collection and the Métiers d’Art 2018 collection by legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Chanel, The Making of a Collection provides very detailed details about the ongoing activities at Chanel’s tailoring factory.

Chanel artisans are creating unique details for the product. Photo: Chanel.

The content in the book is presented in reverse order, starting with the catwalks, where the costumes are released to the public, then gradually to the sewing process, posing for the product and sewing up the idea. original idea. The unique techniques and talents of many Chanel artists are also shared in book pages.

Each Chanel product is carefully cared for. Photo: Chanel.

The author Cénac mentioned the important figures of Chanel: The head of the knitted fashion department Odile Massuger, who is in charge of handbags Yvette van der Linde, who is in charge of Rosemarie Eliot jewelry products. , who is in charge of Laurence Dacade shoes, Kim Young-Seong cloth director and it is important to get approval from designer Virginie Viard and Lagerfeld.

In the next part of the book, author Cénac also reveals many secrets, exquisite sewing techniques of Chanel dresses or jackets, explaining why they always make the wearer the most beautiful.

Cénac also had an interview with the fashion prince Lagerfeld and understood the inspiration to help him create the final collections before his death. Designer Karl Lagerfeld died at 85 in Paris last February.