Cotton On brand – Brand introduction

Compared to many other brands, Cotton On is quite young when only 22 years old. Founded by Nigel Austin, at first, the brand only sold clothes for women. After that, Cotton On is expanding its market by exploiting clothes, accessories and accessories for all ages and genders such as: Cotton On Body (underwear brand), Cotton On Kids, Rubies (accessories brands, shoes), Typo (household items, crafts and stationery), T-bar, Factorie and Supré. Cotton On Kids was launched in 2005 after recognizing the huge demand of customers for children’s fashion. With the motto “Happy Kids = Happy Parent”, this brand offers unique products, bright colors with gentle linen for children from 9 to 14 years old. A year later, T-Bar brand was born to produce and supply T-shirts for men and women. In 2007, Cotton On continued to introduce On Boddy Cotton product line to provide pajamas, active clothes, swimwear and accessories for women. In the same year, the clothing brand for Factorie youth was created with fashion inspiration from streets and beaches. By 2008, the brand of Rubi Shoes was born and followed by Typo brand (2009) including stationery, home appliances, decorations, gifts, tourism, technology and crafts. Most recently, in 2013, Cotton On continued to introduce Supré product line. Since then, Cotton On has expanded to Asian, American and African markets with 1,300 retail stores in 17 countries and 19,000 employees worldwide.

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