Converse creates a fashion craze with a collection of shoes that change color in the sunshine

Converse has partnered with Chinatown Market to launch an impressive collection of shoes. Described as the mood ring for user feet, this shoe collection will change colors vividly when exposed to the sun’s rays.

Accordingly, this collection is normal white sneakers. What makes them especially when exposed to UV rays in the sun, these shoes will change colors very vividly.

Depending on the amount of light and ultraviolet rays the shoes receive, they will turn from the inherent white to many different colors. The color change on shoes takes place quite quickly. This special feature has been advertised on Instagram by Chinatown Market with an eye-catching video.

In this video, under the sun, white shoes gradually change into 4 different colors. When there is enough light, the colors darken and form distinct colors, just like they were dyed before.

Shoe sole is a fast and clear color change tool. From this department, users can determine which shoes are about to change from white to a specific color. For example, if the sole is green, when the sun is full, the shoes can turn from white to blue.

Reportedly, Cho Tau will sell this unique limited Converse shoe collection from July 20. Color changing shoes have 2 versions that are standard and high class with the price of 95 USD, 100 USD / pair respectively.