Chanel brand – Brand introduction

Chanel brand was founded in 1909-1910 by French designer, fashion legend Gabrielle Chanel. The orphan was not 12 years old and was brought to the orphanage by her father, it is believed that the life in the orphanage gave her a strong, straightforward and rebellious personality. At 18, Coco Chanel left the orphanage to Moulins and became a tea room singer. She earned the nickname Coco during this period. Rarely do any fashion designers have a profound effect on the lives of modern women like Coco Chanel. She died on January 10, 1971.

Chanel started successfully with the introduction of Chanel No. 5, is still one of the best-selling perfume lines of all time. Chanel brand then expanded and quickly became the most proud luxury fashion brand of the French fashion industry. More than any brand, Chanel is filled with the essence of the classic fashion industry in the past and is a model of classic fashion in the world fashion village.

Chanel brand is owned by Alain and Gerard Wertheimer, grandson of Pierre Wertheim, who has been a business partner since the early days of Coco Chanel. Its products focus on high-end fashion lines like haute couture, ready-made clothes, cosmetics, watches and fashion accessories. Its logo is the two C’s that are opposite to remember the brand name founder, Coco Chanel. Since its inception, three products: small black dresses, twel fabric jackets Chanel No.5 and Chanel are the most prominent products that contribute to the success of the company. Karl Lagerfeld became the Creative Director of Chanel in 1983 until now.

Origin: France
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