5 Instagram fashion bloggers that you should follow

You are a genuine fashionista, do you want to update the latest trends of the fashion world? What are you waiting for without looking through the 10 Instagram pages of fashion bloggers behind and quickly pressing their follow up button.

Fashion blogger is a fashion model on stage with internet names through beautiful photos and art. They are all loyal fans of the fashion industry, as well as those who have the power to spread the trend and make them more lively and closer.

1. Hanneli Mustaparta (@hannelim)

Photographer, model, stylist and fashion blogger Hanneli Mustaparta has a great ability to blow life into every item she wears. The fact that she regularly travels around the world with a professional career in creating talents has created hundreds of beautiful photos.

Also, if you pay attention to the caption below her photo, you might realize that Hanneli is one of the few funniest fashion bloggers ever. As with the photo below, she noted: “Fortunately, my chest is small and modest, so don’t confuse them with the mountains.”

2. Jennifer Grace (@thenativefox)

Jeannifer Grace – Owner of Thenativefox.com blog, owns a beautiful body every millimeter.
Taking advantage of that power and her creative ability, she often combines extremely sexy, sexy and eccentric costumes and designs.

Based on Jennifer’s quality photos on Instagram, we can see that she always prioritizes bright colors or brilliant patterns with bold car cuts.

3. Aleali May (@alealimay)

As a stylist, a blogger and a visual consultant in Los Angeles, Aleali May started her career with Louis Vuitton and RSVP Gallery before launching a blog of the same name.

She is famous for her ability to combine sophistication and perfection, the two worlds seem to be in opposition to high fashion and street fashion in the same outfit, such as a pair of Jordan shoes. with Hermes bracelet.
This particular style girl said: “When it comes to Louboutines, most people will buy a high heel shoe. I choose a tennis shoe.”

4. Yoyo Cao (@yoyokulala)

If you’ve ever seen photos of Singapore’s fashion designer Yoyo High Streetstyle, you’ll find her perfect ingenuity in combining layers in costumes.

It could be a flared sleeve beneath a dark blue cobalt jacket, or a torn jeans accented by a pair of white high heels and a cotton jacket inside …

That was the best thing when Yoyo was trained in Singapore, a “class” art arrangement completely different from other countries in the world.

Owning a fashion boutique and Instagram account with 188,000 followers, Yoyo Cao has now become a leading Asian fashion phenomenon not only in Singapore but also worldwide.

5. Tanesha Awasthi (@girlwithcurves)

Awasthi Tanesha is a living demonstration of “not bad”. The chubby girl from India is now a famous fashion blogger – the owner of the Curved Girl blog and a talented designer.

Tanesha pursues a gentle and delicate feminine style. With absolute confidence in her physique, she does not hesitate to wear bright clothes or dark textures with overweight people.
But with her miraculous ability, she cleverly combined them perfectly and still concealed her shortcomings.

Although the body is too large, the Indian blogger girl still exudes an arrogant and sexy spirit that is hard to resist. It can be said that Tanesha Awasthi is one of the few fashion bloggers who became famous for her own shortcomings.