5 fragrances for men worth buying

Perfume is the determining factor of male attraction to women. If you choose the right product, you can “steal her heart” in just a few seconds.

If previously Dolce & Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent or Chanel ascended the throne with delicate, passionate scents, now men have more gentle options.

Check out 5 popular perfume products this year for men.

1. Private Blend Lavender Extreme by Tom Ford

Tom Ford’s “soul” is the scent of lavender. This year, the fragrance designers Tom Ford surprised users with an innovative variation with lavender scent.

Since the fragrance is “outdated” and slightly feminine, the new product is somewhat more liberal and can be used for both men and women.

The lavender scent used by Tom Ford in this perfume bottle comes from France: A very pungent odor and an aroma of herbs, combined with a little orange essence to confirm the class, the difference.

This smell is described as an “underground sensuality” that men should use in afternoon coffee or romantic encounters.

2. L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme of Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake’s strategy is no stranger to fans: Refreshing seasonal scents.

The Shadow of Paradise collection of the company is the focus of attention with many classic scents updated to win the hearts of the gentlemen.

The refreshing version of the L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme bottle, which debuted in 1994, is a fan favorite this year.

It is described as “the cold explosion of ginger, cardamom, cedar, musk and many other ingredients”.

3. Armani Code Absolu by Giorgio Armani

Designer Antoine Maisondieu has updated a new bold and attractive scent to the fragrance for men. This product is remade from the Armani Code Absolu bottle, which was released in 2004.

The main ingredient in the new Armani Code Absolu version is a blend of apple, green tangerine scents, combined with orange seeds, nutmeg and carrot seeds.

Giorgio Armani fragrance designers have been very sophisticated when mixing the classic materials inherent in the product launched in 2004, adding the smell of rum and vanilla to increase the charm.

This is the kind of male perfume that should be used when wearing a black tie, disturbing the smell that suits your suit.

4. Mugler Come Together by Thierry Mugler

In 2001, fashion house Thierry Mugler launched a fragrance for men under the name Cologne, but was then forced to discontinue production.

This year, Cologne is reproduced and is present in a collection of five unisex fragrances inspired by designers, which can be used separately or in combination with other odors.

Come Together is a prominent fragrance, with a banana green design and a luxurious white ivory lid. Suitable for use on holidays.

5. Givenchy fragrance for men

Like any fragrance, the latest version of the Givenchy fashion house is still elegant, luxurious, timeless and masculine. The difference here is the boldness, unique perfume launched this time.

The product is a collaboration between familiar perfume designer names like Nathalie Lorson and Olivier Cresp, challenging the traditional limits of a standard perfume bottle structure.

Iris scent is the highlight of this perfume bottle, combined with the familiar orange flavor, citrus, musk and many other ingredients. This is a safe option that men can use every day.